From Glassfish to Wildfly - part 1

How to install wildfly on linux?

Simply by download and launching the following wonderful script:
Wildfly is installed in /opt/wildfly
You can launch Wildfly by using /etc/init.d/wildfly start

Open Port and Remote Access

Find and launch in order to add user for management realm.
It is necessary for web console admin.

Find and edit standalone.xml in socketbinding section edit the default port if you want.

Enable for web console listener

Root User or not?

By default wildfly is installed and launched as wildfly user.
I think it is the best way.
But I'm migrating from glassfish (i.e. installaed and launched as root user) so all files writed by glassfish applications have root file permission.

So the better solution is to change all file permission from root to wildfly.
Alternative editing /etc/default/wildfly.conf and launch wildfly as root.

MySql Driver

Download from mysql site the connector j.
Access to web admin console and deploy it
(You can also deploy by using autodeploy dir into /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/)

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