Xcode 4 Tip: Automatically make IBOutlet, property, dealloc and

Xcode 4 Tip:  Automatically make IBOutlet, property, dealloc and synthesize!


Are you bored to write always the same line of code in order to make an IBOutlet, property, synthesize, dealloc and then connect it to the gui in the interface builder?


1) Open Xcode 4
2) Open the xib file
3) Split the view so you can see the gui and the header file by clicking in the top on the right the center icon in the editor section.
4) Go to gui element (uibutton, uitextfield etc.) 
5) Menu -> View -> Utilities -> Connection Inspector
6) Select on the Connection Inspector "New referencing outlet"
7) Drag it in your header .h file

In order to make as property drag out outside the interface before the @end!!

Thanks to this answer I find this very very good tip:

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