Java and AMF by AS3 in Flash

The interaction between Java and Flash
(part 2 - OpenAMF)


Download the jar and add the library in the web project.

Make a simple servlet and inside "processRequest" put this instruction

AMFDeserializer amfDeserializer = new AMFDeserializer(new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream()));

System.out.println("bodies String " + amfDeserializer.getAMFMessage().getBodiesString());

See at server.log and you understand that library works, so go deep inside in deserialization

Go to see other details in AMFMessage:

Iterator iterator = amfMessage.getBodies();
                AMFBody body = null;

                while (iterator.hasNext())
                    body = (AMFBody);
                    System.out.println("type description " +     
                    System.out.println("response " + body.getResponse());
                    System.out.println("service method name " +     
                    System.out.println("service name " + body.getServiceName());
                    System.out.println("target " + body.getTarget());
                    System.out.println("value " + body.getValue());
It works also!!wonderful
But Now I want to send an array thru action script:

so in the call funcion I pass an array

var oneArray:Array = new Array("a", "b", "c");"func_name",res,"a_array");

But I obtain the following error: Unknown/unsupported object type UNKNOWN: 0x10001

After some hours I found the problem.
I try to change in as3 client code the AMF encoding:

nc.objectEncoding = ObjectEncoding.AMF0;

And I discover that OpenAMF supports only the AMF0 encoding.
I see also at latest update in sourceforge: 
the date time is 2006 year. It seems and old solution and not maintained.

Switch to see in part3 other solution!


pseudoaleatorio said...
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pseudoaleatorio said...

Here I have found some code that worked well for me; it uses the Adobe blazeds Java client which is open-source; make sure to get the latest version of the library from Adobe