Search and Find a JAR

Search and Find a JAR

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Sometimes when you download library, or simply classes the  provided package is not inclusive of all necessary dependencies. 
Therefore the need for this and in other cases, find jar containing a given class. 

The solution:

I found a good online service that can resolve the problem of finding, given the name of a class, the name of the jar file that contains this class in it. 

The service is available from the site 

It then helps to solve the exceptions: 

  • NoClassDefFoundError
  • ClassNotFoundException


For example, by typing the name of the class XMLSerializer 

You get the following output: 

[CLASS] XmlSerializer
[CLASS] org.xmlpull.v1. XmlSerializer
[CLASS] org.kxml2.wap.Wb xmlSerializer
[CLASS] net.sf.json.xml. XMLSerializer
[CLASS] com.idoox.util.xml. XMLSerializer
[CLASS] oracle.xml.binxml.Bin XMLSerializer
[CLASS] XmlSerializer
[CLASS] org.vraptor.remote.xml. XMLSerializer

In this case, not finding a jar containing the class XMLSerializer, the system proposes the complete package name of classes similar to INPUT typed. 

If you click on XmlSerializer or type it as input, since, to name a complete package and the correct output proposes the names of the JARs that contain the specific class: 

Containing JAR 


A short article to link a simple but sometimes very useful website. 
If you want to point out interesting services and leave a comment to this post. 

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